“First of all if you've found this blog then you're probably one of the people that are helping to write it! If not then a bit of an explanation may be in order to gain your trust so that later we can shatter your world. You must first understand that we of Banana Daiquiri's and Life Lessons are idiots who have way too much time on our hands, one of us in particular... We're a group of friends who really think we're funny and want to share just how funny we are with the rest of the blogosphere. I guess you could say we're the next Douglas Bubbletrousers. This blog will be written by a group, we will have several contributors and many different perspectives so that you don't need to make any decisions for yourself any more. Simply get up, read this blog and do as we say to live your life to the fullest...or maybe just tune in as we work our butts off to make you laugh.”

-Taken from our first blog, “Reasons Why We Are”

The idea for this blog started over New Year’s Eve about three years ago. A bunch of us got together and were having a good time breaking in the New Year and were sitting around telling stories as we often do, and somehow the idea of a blog came about. I’m not sure who first mentioned it, but everyone thought it was an amazing idea…everyone also may have had a few too many cocktails that night.

Now I believe the “Banana Daiquiris” moniker came from an episode of Smallville back in the day, but it also serves as a way for us to show that no matter what happens in life, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. I don’t quite remember the episode of Smallville but the story I do remember was meeting up with my brother and one of our contributors at the Holiday Inn, Fargo and them telling me that I had to try to Banana Daiquiris. I said it sounded good and ordered a round for us. The waitress then said, “We don’t serve those here,” to which my two companions replied, “Yeah, that’s what they told us last time too. But then they ended up finding some bananas and made it happen.”

The waitress found the bananas, and I got my first taste of this delicious cocktail and haven’t stopped ordering them since. Most restaurants/bars don’t tend to serve banana daiquiris, but just by asking you generally open up the night to a little more fun for both you and the waiter/waitress/bartender. I haven’t found one that won’t even try, and that alone makes the asking worth it!

The life lessons and stories we share throughout these posts are just as much, if not more, for us as they are for you. They give us a way to reflect on our situations and allow us to see the humor in the things that seem so serious at the time. We search out the funny in our situations and hope that it inspires you to do the same.

We started with a group of guys who were going to write with us all the time but this past year we have talked a couple of awesome writers into joining our crew and have been turning out more blogs than ever! The old hats are still at it, but our new writers have really taken to the blog and have made it so much fun to be a part of!

We hope you enjoy our stories, which are best served over ice…with bananas…and pineapple infused rum!

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